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Nursery & Baby Gear

It’s not only about a trip, it’s about life and joy.

The right baby gear can make life with your baby much easier – but what are the true essentials and what can you do without? Our selection of baby gear covers the most essential baby needs!

A Few Facts about our Baby Gear Products:

A good stroller will last for years, so it’s worth it to do your research, consider your options, and invest in one that truly suits your family’s needs.

Babies probably spend more time in their crib than anywhere else, so while comfort is important, safety is essential. And since most children sleep in a crib until the ages of 2 and 3, strength and durability should also be a major factor when deciding on a baby crib.

There are three main types of car seats: infant car seats, convertible car seats (including 3-in-1 and all-in-one models), and booster seats.

To keep kids as safe as possible on the road, choose the seat that’s best suited to their age, height, and weight. Steer clear of used or secondhand seats, which can be unsafe. And look for a car seat that will let your child stay rear-facing as long as possible.

Infant car seats

Infant car seats fit babies snugly during the first year or so, depending on the seat and size of your baby. They face the rear of the car and carry babies up to 22 or even 35 pounds and 29 to 32 inches tall.

These seats usually have a handle for easy carrying. They can snap in and out of a base you install in the car, and in and out of your stroller.

Nursery & Baby Gear