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Brands & Solutions

Brands & Solutions

Actino Global is a specialized importer and distributor of products for infants and young children in Romania. Our list of commercial partnerships with top manufacturers continues to grow as we expand our product lines.

What we do:

Managing imports, wholesale and logistics for medium sized (store and non-store) retailers.

Actino Global distribution and sales are based on the following routes to market ( 3 main pillars):

  • Exclusive importer and distributor of high quality brands for key retail partners.
  • Sales and marketing support to key retail partners and the local online marketplace.
  • State of the art E-Commerce framework supporting our group’s marketing and retail sales.

What we offer:

  • A unique opportunity to offer a complete range of nursery products to a new and emerging market.
  • Efficient stock procurement, management and distribution.
  • Dedicated full time account management and development team.
  • Distribution of quality, innovative, globally recognized competitively priced products, providing significant sales potential.
  • Support from professionally trained in-house marketing and sales teams.
  • Commitment to develop a professional online retail presence.
  • Strong commercial knowledge and retail experience operating within the local market.
  • Recruitment and retention of high quality personnel.
  • The Ability to emulate your brands’ culture and quality standards.
  • Ongoing commitment to close adherence to the terms of brand’s standards.


Actino Global integrates import distribution activities and online marketing platforms for a group of companies specialized in babies and children retail products. We combine our expertise and product range to serve two local industry leaders: Bebe Tei and Farmacia Tei.

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Bebetei  (

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